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Welcome to Mademoiselle Moustache.
This webshop ‘ready-to-wear kids’ offers you a magical world, full of color!
Click on the picture to view the details and the availability of our items.
You need help? Do not hesitate to contact me : or by phone 0638 16.91.97
I wish you a good discovery!
Mlle Moustache

New arrivals
T-shirts & longsleeves
Pulls & cardigans
Jumpsuits & pyjamas
Pants & shorts
Rompers and co
Socks & shoes
Bonnets, hats and acc.
Gift cards
Wrapshirt - cress yellow
Wrapshirt - sapphire blue
Worker Denim
Pleat skirt Swans
Pyjama Swans
Pyjama City
Baby pants - blue
Baby pants - green
Baby pants - red
Baby pants Teddy (chocolat)
Baby pants Teddy (grey)
Baby pants Teddy (green)
LS Bat
LS Badger
LS Monkeys (blue)
LS Monkeys (red)
Playsuit Tree (embroid)
Leggings Acorn
LS Fox
LS Dragon
Rompersuit Bandit
Dress Tree
LS Hearts
LS Horses
Jupe Bellis, pink
Sarrouel Pants Bellis, pink
Sarrouel Pants Bellis, turquoise
Baby Pants Safari
Pull Tiger (yellow)
Pull Tiger (orange)
LS T-shirt Polar bear (all over)
Jumpsuit Polar Bear
Yellow skirt - Cubes
Tights Legion blue
Tights Lurex Blue
Tights Lurex Pale Pink
Shorts (stripes) marine
SS T-shirt (red)
SS T-shirt (blue)
Shorts (blue)
Polodress Flowers
Polodress Doves
Polo Doves
Polo Ducks
Jumpsuit Crab (marine)
Jumpsuit Crab (smaragd)
Jumpsuit Dolphin (blue)
Jumpsuit Dolphin (coral)
Shorts (stripes) blue
Jacket (organic) Crab marine
Jacket (organic) Crab smaragd
Jacket (organic) Dolphin blue
Jacket (organic) Dolphin coral
SS T-shirt Dolphin (marine)
SS T-shirt Crab (marine)
SS T-shirt Crab (smaragd)
SS T-shirt Dolphin (blue)
SS T-shirt Dolphin (coral)
SS Body, Crab (marine)
SS Body, Crab (smaragd)
SS Body, Dolphin (coral)
Summerdress, Titmouse
Sweater Ice
SS T-shirt Lion
Skirt Ice
SS T-shirt Ice
Skirt Blomster
SS T-shirt Blomster
Skirt Hippo
Jumpsuit - Hippo
SS T-shirt Hippo
LS T-shirt Hippo
Sweater Blomster
Sweater Lion
Baby Pants Dolphin, green
Baby Pants Dolphin, coral
LS Dolphin (stripes), marine
LS Dolphin (stripes), coral
LS Dolphin (all over), marine
LS Dolphin (all over), coral
LS Crab (stripes), marine
LS Crab (stripes), smaragd
LS Crab (all over), smaragd
LS Crab (all over), marine
Jacket organic cotton, Crab
Wrapdress, Flowers
Summerdress, Ducks
Pleat skirt Flowers, organic cotton
SS T-shirt, organic cotton, Pink flamingo
SS T-shirt, organic cotton, Butterfly
LS Giraffe lime
Pants Corduroy purple
Pants Corduroy yellow
SS T-shirt Flowers
Dress Flowerfield
SS T-shirt Flowerfield
SS T-shirt Cupcakes
Beanie hat Tigres
Balaclava Tigres
Balaclava Giraffes (blue/red)
Balaclava Giraffes (lime/brun)
Jumpsuit Babouschka
Cardigan hoodie Babouschka
Skirt Babouschka
Baby dress Babouschka
Baby pants Babouschka
Jumpsuit Rudolf
Cardigan hoodie Rudolf
LS T-shirt Rudolf (all over)
LS T-shirt Rudolf (solid)
Baby pants Rudolf
Playsuit - Monkey/Green (reversible)
Playsuit - Monkey/Tomato red (reversible)
Playsuit - Monkey/Navy (reversible)
LS T-shirt stripes (fuchsia)
LS T-shirt stripes (aqua)
LS T-shirt stripes (navy)
LS T-shirt stripes (chocolat)
LS T-shirt stripes (tomato red)
Skirt vipp Penguins
Zip jacket embroid Pinguins
Hoodie Pinguins
LS T-shirt Pinguins
Baby Pants Pinguins
Zip jacket embroid Dino
Playsuit embroid - Dino
Hoodie Dino
Rompersuit button Dino
Baby Pants Dino
Cardigan hoodie Dino
LS T-shirt Dino (solid print)
Dress Penguin
LS T-shirt Penguin
SS T-shirt Penguin
Tights Penguins
Pants Butterfly - jeans
Robe Fairy
LS T-shirt Fairy
SS T-shirt Fairy
Pull Wolf, organic cotton
LS T-shirt Bambi, organic cotton
Pocket Pants brown
Pocket Pants bleu
Pleatskirt Dots (organic)
Footed bodysuit Airplanes (organic)
Baby Pants Deer
Baby Pants Flowers
LS body Flowers
Footed bodysuit Flowers
T-shirt dress Flowers
Hoodie Popcorn
Zip jacket embroid Popcorn
Cardigan hoodie Popcorn
Zip jacket embroid Bat
LS T-shirt Bat (solid print)
Hoodie Bat
Baby Pants Bat
Cardigan hoodie Submarin
LS T-shirt Submarin
LS T-shirt Submarin (solid print)
Pull hoodie Submarin
Baby Pants Submarin
Zip jacket embroid Submarin
SS T-shirt Jungle
Babypants Jungle
Jumpsuit Autumn
Babypants Autumn
Sweet dress Autumn
LS T-shirt Autumn
Zip jacket embroid Hedgehog
Zip jacket embroid Frog
SS T-shirt Frog
LS T-shirt Frog
Pull hoodie Frog
Baby Pants Frog
Cardigan hoodie Frog
LS T-shirt Pink snails
LS T-shirt Blue snails
LS T-shirt Elephants (blue)
LS T-shirt Green wales
LS T-shirt Pink wales
LS T-shirt Blue hedgehogs
LS T-shirt Red birds
LS T-shirt Grey birds
LS T-shirt Green hedgehogs
LS T-shirt Elephants (aqua)
LS T-shirt Red lions
LS T-shirt Green lions
Basic jumpsuit, chocolat stripes
Basic jumpsuit, pink stripes
Basic jumpsuit, light blue stripes
SS T-shirt Indians
Dress Indians
Dress Flowers
Sweetdress On the Sea
Hoodie On the Sea
SS T-shirt On the Sea
Baby pants - On the sea
Strapdress Drops (green)
Baby pants - Drops (green)
Hoodie Drops (green)
Strapdress Drops (pink)
Baby pants - Drops (pink)
Hoodie Ducks (red)
Sundress Ducks (red)
SS T-shirt Ducks (red)
Baby Pants - Ducks (red)
Hoodie Ducks (blue)
SS T-shirt Ducks (blue)
Baby pants - Ducks (blue)
Dress Turtle
Baby pants - Turtle
T-shirt Turtle
Pyjama Turtle
Summer jumpsuit - Turtle
SS Body Turtle
Sweater Hearts
Dress - Triangles
Shorts - Cactus
Jumpsuit - Cactus
Jumpsuit - Birds & Roses
Dress - Cow
LS T-shirt Retro Flowers
Rompersuit Retro Flowers
Dress Retro Flowers
Baby pants - Doll
Baby pants - Monkeys
Red leggings
Gathered dress Apple
SS T-shirt Apple
SS T-shirt Apple (Solid print)
Hoodie Apple
Playsuit - Tractor
Baby pants - Tractor
Hoodie Tractor
Body SS Tractor
LS raglan Earth
LS Earth
Baby pants - Earth
LS Raglan Pencills
LS Pencills
LS Christmas
LS Small acorns
Baby pants - Small acorns
Hoodie Shark
Balaclava Red Flowers
Beanie Hat Red Flowers
Balaclava Shark
Beanie Hat Shark
Denim pants
Corduroy pants brown
Corduroy pants cyan
LS Petunia
LS gathered - Petunia
A-line skirt - Petunia
Baby pants - Petunia
Dress - Petunia
Hoodie Petunia
Cardigan Petunia
LS body - Petunia
LS solid print Moose
LS Moose
Baby pants - Moose
LS body - Moose
Tunic Music Tape
SS T-shirt - Music Tape
LS Music Tape
Corduroy pants grey
Hoodie Red flowers
Hoodie Retro cars
LS Red flowers
LS Tiger
LS Shark
LS Retro Cars
Baby pants - Red flowers
Baby pants - Shark
Baby pants - Retro Cars
Pyjama Red flowers
Pyjama Shark
Pyjama Retro Cars
Jumpsuit (zipper) Autumn Leaf
LS Squirrel
Socks - Squirrel
Baby pants - Squirrel
LS body - Squirrel
LS Autumn leaf
LS gathered - Autumn leaf
Skirt - Autumn leaf
Baby pants - Autumn leaf
A-line dress - Autumn leaf
Dress - Autumn leaf
LS solid print Airplane
LS Fire truck
Baby pants - Fire truck
LS body - Fire truck
Combinaison Stars plum
Jumpsuit Stars blue
Jumpsuit Stars Indigo blue/yellow
LS Stars plum
LS Stars blue
LS Stars Indigo blue/yellow
Jumpsuit Umbrella - girls
Basic LS dusty pale blue
Basic LS red
Basic LS indigo blue
Basic LS green
Basic LS blue
Dress - Penguins
Baby booties - Penguins
Baby hat - Penguins
LS Penguins
LS Iglo
Baby pants - smoke grey
Longsleeve - Jungle
Baby pants - brown
Baby pants - red
Hoodie Sheep blue
Jacket Monkey
Singlet Sheep
Tank top - Marguerite
T-shirt Daisy
Singlet Daisy
T-shirt Whale
T-shirt stripes - Blue/light blue
Shorts bright green
Shorts pink
Shorts turquoise
SS raglan - Jungle
SS raglan - Turquoise sheep
SS raglan - Monkey
Full cercle skirt - Blue sheep
Summer dress - Blue sheep
SS T-shirt - Jungle
SS T-shirt - Blue sheep
SS T-shirt - Kiwi
Jumpsuit - Airballoon
Jumpsuit - Jungle
Baby pants - Airballoon
Baby pants - Blue sheep
SS body - Airballoon
SS body - Turquoise sheep
SS body - Monkey
Baby hat - Blue sheep
Baby hat - Kiwi
Baby hat - Airballoon
Sun hat - Blue sheep
Sun hat - Jungle
Sun Hat - Turquoise sheep
Sun hat - Airballoon
Jumpsuit with bird print
Dress Summer Flowers purple
Dress Summer Flowers blue
T-shirt Summer Flowers pink
T-shirt Summer Flowers blue
Jumpsuit Summer Flowers purple
Jumpsuit Summer Flowers blue
Polo dress green
Polo dress pink
Polo dress blue
Baby hat - Swimming Fish
Twist skirt - denim
Jumpsuit Summerfruit
Skirt Princess blue
Dress Flowers
Dress Pink flowers
Jumpsuit Dragonfly blue
T-shirt Dragonfly blue
Dress Little Bird
T-shirt Dear
Dress Cream Stripes - big girls
Dress Cream Stripes - little ones
Dress Dears
Basic skirt - blue
T-shirt ss - Stars & stripes
Dress - Circus
Hoodie Circus
Strap short Polkadot
Strap short Goldie
Strap short Flowers
Shorts Goldie
Full cercle skirt - Polkadot
Full cercle skirt - Flowers
T-shirt Polkadot
T-shirt Goldie
T-shirt - Daisy light blue
T-shirt - Circus Elephant
T-shirt - Circus Giraffe
Dress - Waves red
Dress - Stars & Stripes
Jumpsuit - Lady Bug
Basic skirt - yellow
Basic skirt - red
Basic skirt - green
Basic skirt - dark blue
Top - Blue fish
Top - Green fish
Sleevless Dress - Flowers
Top - Flowers
Longsleeve - Stars & stripes
Puffy shirt - Ladybug
Baggypants brown
Baggypants turquoise
Baggypants red
T-shirt ss - Circus
T-shirt - Lion circus
Playsuit velours - red
A-line dress
Dress Daisy - Someone
Dress Little Birds (kaki)
Jumpsuit big girls (saumon)
T-shirt Princesse
T-shirt Daisy, photo print
Skirt Parrots
Baby hat green
Milano dress - Little dogs
Body - Butterflies
Body - Giraf
Legging turquiose R&R
A-skirt retro flowers indigo
A-skirt retro flowers yellow
Shoes newborn R&R
Shoes newborn R&R
Shoes newborn R&R
Shoes newborn R&R
Legging green R&R
Longsleeve - Frog R&R
Legging white R&R
Longsleeve - Flowers R&R
Legging fuschia R&R
Longsleeve - Fairy Rutje
T-shirt pink radio
Collar shirt - red
Collar shirt - Lucy
Collar shirt - kobalt
Collar shirt - indigo
Collar shirt - Fox
Retro dress, melee red
Retro dress, yellow
Lime cardigan
Blue Cardigan
Hoodie - Forest
Longsleeve - Pink penguin
Jumpsuit pink Penguin
Hoodie Penguin pink
Green dress
Longsleeve - Cat
Red cardigan - krone on the back
Blue cardigan - krone on the back
Dress Mambotango
Dress Mambotango
T-shirt - Daisy
Longsleeve - Daisy
Longsleeve, bright yellow
Longsleeve, bright blue
Longsleeve, bright green
Longsleeve, bright red
T-shirt - bright yellow
T-shirt - bright pink
T-shirt - bright blue
T-shirt - bright green
T-shirt - bright red
Skirt - Airballoons
Skirt - Airballoons
T-shirt - Airballoon
T-shirt - Airballoon
T-shirt - Flower Glitter
T-shirt - Flowerapplication
T-shirt - Wheelbarrow flowerapplication
Dress - Airballoons (yellow)
Skirt - Flowers
Dress - Flowers
Top - Colourfull Birdies
Skirt - Funny Fish
Blue cardigan

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